Saturday, June 13, 2015

Shop Buffalo. Shop Local. Shop Blum's.

It was that time of the year for me. I was so uncomfortable and constantly adjusting myself. I was way overdue for some new bras. Being that I'm very busty, I don't have the luxury of going just anywhere to shop. I envy women that can waltz into a Victoria's Secret or Gap Body and use coupons and spend under $30 for a bra, while I shell out $60 or more for each of mine. I sucked it up and decided that I would support a local shop here in Buffalo, Blum's. Blum's is located on Main Street in the Village of Williamsville, and specializes in larger cup sizes for intimates and swimwear.

From the moment I walked in I felt comfortable. The store is beautiful and immaculate and the staff is amazing. Sandra greeted me at the door and immediately began to help. I was measured and learned that I was wearing the wrong cup size, which explained why my bras were beginning to feel uncomfortable. I know from past shopping trips that I would need to try on many different styles of bras before finding the one that was right for me, and my goodness, did I try on lots! Ladies, please don't get discouraged, and trust the fitting specialist with the options she gives you. Sandra was patient and knowledgable and I couldn't have been in better hands! I eventually found the holy grail of bras, by Elomi Lingerie. The Amelia Bandless Moulded Bra is what I ended up purchasing in black and nude, and I couldn't be happier. It has a minimizer, which means I won't pour out of the sides of the bra, and provides the perfect amount of support. It's also prettier than most options bustier girls are given, with some lace and bows. (see it here)

Although I did end up spending around $80 with tax per bra, when you think about it, these bras are something that I'm going to end up wearing every day for about a year, so the cost per wear makes the sting to my wallet worth it. When you think that it's going to cost me about 22 cents per bra each day I wear them for a year, it's not terrible. And the right bra flatters your body and makes your clothes fit a bit better. Gravity is a terrible thing when you're busty. A good bra can defy gravity's effects, but not bring your girls up to your chin!

At the end of the day, Blum's is a store that is providing a couple things that are hard to find: Bras and swimsuits for large cup sizes and impeccable customer service. I have been treated terribly in the past by places that I have given my business to for years, and I have vowed to change where I spend my hard earned money. Blum's will continue to get my business, and they even have a frequent shopping card where if you buy 7 bras in a year you get the 8th free! As I am building a new bra wardrobe because my change in size, I will be taking full advantage of a free $80 bra! If you're in the Buffalo, NY area, consider giving Blum's a try, you'll be happy that you did!

See the Blum's website here.