Sunday, September 21, 2014

Summer to Fall Transition

Altuzarra for Target

This week we took a trip to our local Target to check out the new Altuzarra for Target line.  We were quite disappointed.  Alexis and I have checked out many designer lines for Target and Kohl's, and have even purchased a few items from the lines in the past, but Altuzarra just missed the mark. For one thing, the line itself was not so cute.  There were a couple of decent pieces, but overall...meh.  The cut and sizing was awful! Everything we tried on fit 1-2 times smaller than normal. We are not supermodels (only on certain weekends! jk), but two girls that are two completely different sizes and builds. Whether you're thin and waif or on the curvier side, the items just didn't fit and flatter a women's body. The patterns for the clothes were boring and blah.  And, yes, it's Target, but the fabric was cheap and thin.  Like a lot of the Target lines, it just doesn't make a lot of sense to drop $50 on ill fitting, cheaply made, not-so-cute "designer" clothes. 
The pictures below speak for themselves...


Check out the Altuzarra line for yourself here.