Thursday, November 6, 2014

Our Top Winter Coat Picks

Just like shoes, there are a few styles of winter coats that us ladies need to have on hand to get us through the long winter months. There's a time and place for a ski jacket, and it's on the slopes. A ski jacket shouldn't be worn over a dress if you're going to a wedding, and we're sure you're going to want something less bulky to go over your layers if you're running the Turkey Trot here in Buffalo on Thanksgiving morning. There are 4 coats that are absolute staples which we believe every woman needs to have on hand no matter what, and then a few other options to add if you wish.

4 Winter Coat Must Haves:
1. Warm, Water Repellant Parka
We live in Buffalo, NY where the weather can be 70 degrees one day and below zero the next. Winds can really whip through the city during the winter, and chill you to the bone. For that reason, we believe that a long, down filled, hooded, water repellant parka is a great staple to keep in your closet. It's utilitarian, and will keep you warm for years to come.
2. Dressy Wool Coat
Whether you work in a suit or have special holiday events to get to, a dressy wool coat will look chic. Let's face it, anyone is going to look silly with a big ski jacket over a suit or slinky dress. Buy one in a rich jewel tone or camel color. It will go with almost everything and a belted wrap option will look stylish for many years.
3. Leather Jacket
A leather jacket can be worn year around and is timeless. For the days when Mother Nature isn't quite sure if she's ready to get to spring and the weather may be a bit too warm for your parka, the leather jacket is a great go-to.
4. Pea Coat
Pea coats have been in style for hundreds of years, and we don't foresee them going out of fashion for the next hundred. Get one in a fun color to wear casually over your weekend jeans.

Other Fashionable Add-Ins:
5. Lined Military Anorak
The army-chic anorak has come back in style the past couple seasons, and if you want to put your best fashion foot forward this winter, consider getting a lined one. It'll look amazing with a pair of leggings and moto boots for the weekend warrior who doesn't settle for sweats and a hoodie.
6. Down Vest
This is a great option for running to the gym, walking your dog, or to layer on top of the cute, casual flannel shirts this season.
7. Sleeved Fur (faux or real) Stole
For the fashionista who really steps her game up for special events, this is a lovely option to wear in place of the dressy wool coat. This looks amazing over a dress, or to wear on a night out with cuffed jeans, t-shirt and heels.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Curvy Girl's Lesson: Flattering vs. Unflattering Clothing

Hi everyone! As some of you have gathered, Amanda and I have two completely different builds. There are things that will look phenomenal on Amanda's slender frame that I couldn't even fit over one of my curvy thighs. With that being said, we want to give a few pointers on how to dress your figure to flatter it. This is my entry for the curvy girls out there.

Now, I'm going to be honest with you. Most days, I don't feel like getting all dolled up. You're very likely to see me strolling around town during the day in an oversized rock and roll t-shirt, skinny jeans, and a pair of TOMS (see below). While it's very comfortable and easy and breezy, it isn't the most flattering on an a larger hourglass frame. In fact, it can make me appear to be much larger than I actually am. To follow are some basic rules to keep in mind when you're out shopping for your curvy selves!

1. Define your waist.
We all have our days where we feel less than our best. Maybe we ate a large dinner, are PMS-ing, or are just bloated in general. Even if you feel this way, I want you to see what a difference the cut of a top can make. I am a huge fan of the color black, and I think that after this post you'll see that for yourself. In the next picture, I chose a cute black top with more of an open neck line and a peplum. It hits me at my natural waist, and makes me appear smaller than I was in a big bulky shapeless top.

You can also highlight your waist by using a belt. Something as simple as adding a belt and cinching in your waist can make you look thinner, more stylish, and more flattered. Since I have a larger frame, skinny belts don't always work for me, I am a fan of a bit of a thicker belt to keep things in proportion. 

2. Go for structured clothing and materials.
Flimsy materials are for teenage girls and ballerina body types. Just accept that. Look for clothes that are well made, and have some weight to them. Trust me, a dress made of a heavier weaved cotton is going to look much better than a cheap poly-blend from the juniors department. And the cotton dress will most likely be in a classic shape and color that will take you into the years to come. (see below)
Flattering, Defined Waist, Structured Dress
Flimsy, Unflattering Dress
3. Boot Cut Pants and Pencil Skirts are Your Friends.
No matter what, just know that a pencil skirt was made for a girl with curves. There's nothing hotter than seeing a woman in a well fitted pencil skirt and a fitted sweater and heels. And boot cut styles of pants will always balance your curves. I know that skinny cuts are the style that is in right now, but you have to go with what is right for YOU. That's the key to style, not fashion.

4. Just accept that certain styles are/are not flattering.
This is what everyone needs to understand. Not everything that is out in the stores right now is meant for every body type. I know what works for me and what doesn't. Spaghetti straps, button down tops, mini skirts, and blousy tops are not going to work for me. Ever. However, a great wrap dress, peplum tops, bootcut jeans, and pencil skirts always will. Stick with what you know will look good, and you'll always be in style. 
I couldn't leave the store without this dress. A wrap dress will always be in style, and a classic black one will always be in my closet!