Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Brigade

Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties are becoming increasingly popular these days. At the start of the holiday season, you'll begin to see ads for large public Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties, or you may even be invited to a private one. Either way, finding the perfect ensemble is not always easy.

We were invited on an Ugly Christmas Sweater Wine Tour along the Niagara Wine Trail in Niagara County, NY this past weekend, and we surely wanted to look stylish, but didn't want to disappoint with the gaudiness! Amanda took the more stylish approach, wearing a sleek red dress, opaque black tights, black booties, and a Christmas bear sweater complete with matching bow tie. Alexis took a more traditional approach and had belted a creepy nose-less snowmen sweater, recycled sweater scarf, and added her own flair with fake berries on her knitted cap.

Our advice for you to find the perfect sweater for your event is the following:
1. Start looking early. If you're out thrifting, these puppies go fast! Some thrift stores even have their own Ugly Christmas Sweater sections!
2. Make it your own. Sure, it's supposed to be ugly, but if you're single and hoping to catch the eye of an adorable guy under the mistletoe, you're going to want to look as cute as possible! Belt the waist, wear a great pair of heels, jeans that make your butt look great... do whatever it takes! ;)
3. Raid a relative's closet... with caution! If you're tight on time and/or a budget, and you know that Aunt Sally has a phenomenally ugly Christmas sweater in her wardrobe, ask to borrow it. If questions are asked as to why you need it, just admit that you've been admiring it for such a long time!
4. Have fun! All in all, everyone is going to end up looking ridiculous, so just go with it and enjoy yourself!

We wish you a happy, healthy, and fun holiday season!