Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bridget's Engagement Photo Shoot Styling

Amanda's little sister, Bridget, had her engagement photo shoot with Becca Sutherland Photography this past week. We paid a visit to our local Lord & Taylor a few weeks ago to find her the perfect dress. Bridget has a laid back, bohemian style, so the line Free People fit the bill. She tried on a few dresses before deciding on this adorable embroidered handkerchief hemmed number. We came in under budget with enough left over for a pair of shoes for an upcoming wedding she is attending! How beautiful does she look?!

All photos are published with permission by Becca Sutherland Photography. 

Issa London for Banana Republic

I (Alexis) am a huge fan of Kate Middleton's style. I love that she always looks so effortless and put together, and one of the secrets to her style is the designer Issa London. I was thrilled to find out that Issa London collaborated with Banana Republic for an affordable, accessible line of dresses and tops available in their stores now.

I took a trip to my beloved Banana Republic and swooned over the prints and fabrics of the Issa Collection. I immediately began grabbing hangers with gorgeous dresses and headed to a fitting room. Normally, I would get a little discouraged seeing these beautiful things and knowing that they may not fit the way I would like them, being of a curvier body type, but for some reason, I was optimistic. I zipped up the first dress and was elated to see how well it fit as soon as I zipped up the back. It is a short sleeved, emerald green, pleated v-neck dress made of rayon. The bottom flows nicely and is fitted at the natural waist giving you the illusion of losing 10 pounds instantly. Retailing for a cool $130, it is a nice option for a wedding or other formal event. Pair it with opaque black tights, and it will transition nicely into fall. 

The second of the Issa dresses I tried was a patterned sleeveless sweater dress. It would be nice with a blazer and opaque tights underneath, but is a bit too clingy for my taste. At $140, it may be a bit more than I'd be willing to pay, but it is nice and thick, and is very well made. 

The third and my absolute favorite, is a pocketed A-line zebra print dress that fit like a glove the second it was zipped up. Every girl needs a go-to dress in her closet that makes her feel like a million dollars, and this is the dress for me. It is a dress that can last for seasons to come with its classic shape, and being a size 12, the dress is something that will fit not only me, but girls of any size and stature. It is an investment at $130, but in my opinion is worth it. 

The last piece I tried on is a bat winged front-zip wrap dress with a funky print. I loved the way this dress fit me as well. Being a bustier girl, wrap dresses have the tendency to do a peek-a-boo in the chest area. The hidden front zipper is the solution to that problem, plus it cinches at the natural waist giving any girl an hourglass shape. I love the idea of wearing this dress in the office with, again, the black opaque tights. And you can be sure that you won't have to worry about any inappropriateness with the zipper and front closure. Also listed at $140, it is an investment, but, is heavier and well made, and will be sure to last you for a few seasons. 

I'm not sure if it was because I was just in a generally good mood, or the mirrors were skinny mirrors, or that the lighting wasn't as fluorescent as normal for a fitting room, but I was pleasantly happy with what I was seeing in the mirror during this shopping trip. For a few minutes, I felt the luxury that Kate Middleton must feel daily. Ladies, if you're having a down day, make a trip to Banana Republic and try on one of the Issa London dresses and you will instantly feel better about yourself! There are plenty more styles to choose from, along with some cardigans. Check out the entire line here.